1. jeffmolly1

    if you shut your main breaker off your inverter will shut down.the inverter has to see power in your outlet to operate.

  2. 599891

    Hi Jeff, its about time someone did vids the right way. Simple but very explanatory. My question is when the power from the power company go out could you shut the main breaker off and then resume using your own power source. If not short of a battery set up what do you need? Having your own power is kind of the point during outages.

  3. 599891

    Jeff, great job explaining things in your vids. When the power is out from the power company you say this shuts down. I suppose that is for safety to the lineman??? What if you shut your main breaker off? Can you then resume powering your own stuff?

  4. jeffmolly1

    they are for wind and solar.you don’t tie them into a battery bank.they plug into a gfi outlet only.

  5. tdk1955

    Hey Jeff you are very informative, can you tell me if you can tie a grid tie inverter into a battery bank fed by your wind generator or are they just for solar use? Thank you for your time.

  6. michael970

    Jeff thanks for the quick reply your products on your site look great I will keep you in mind.thanks again happy holidays

  7. jeffmolly1

    it drains the batteries down to 14 volts then the inverter shuts off.
    we have a voltage regulator that replaces the batteries coming out.this will solve the problem.

  8. michael970

    Hey jeff one question. when we run our turbines through batteries what happens when the turbine is not turning .does it drain the batteries untill the GTI shuts down then come back on only when turbine spins thanks for your time

  9. jeffmolly1

    to isaacB5679
    NO YOU CANNOT plug your turbine into the killowatt meter in a wall outlet.you’ll get electrocuted,and a fire will result.

  10. IsaacB5679

    if you have wound your own coils and made your own motor (3 phase) for a VAWT could you plug that kilowatt meter into a wall and then plug your turbine into it directly and see how much it’s putting out?

  11. jeffmolly1

    normally you you have 2 wires from your turbine,positive and negative,just hook them to the inverter.sometimes you have to run a turbine thru 2 12 volt batteries in series to get 24 volts,the inverters start at 14 volts.the 2 batteries are to protect the inverter from voltage spikes from the turbine unless you use a small turbine like a 200 watt job.


  12. econewpower

    great job in showing how it work Jeff!
    Can you show us how to do that with the wind turbines as well?

  13. btechint

    With the grid tie hooked up and running does it accordingly reduce the electric meter tabulation?

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